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Ready for Take Off

Issue | July 6, 2022

We hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend celebrating with friends, family and fireworks. Featured above is one of our favorite beach destinations for the holiday, Chatham Bars Inn in Cape Cod. This historic property sits on a quarter-mile of private beach and offers an assortment activities from whale watching to a beachside lobster clambake. It's never too early to start planning your next holiday getaway and Chatham Bars Inn holds a special place in our heart!

PS is coming to ATL Airport!

PS (previously known as The Private Suite) is one of the best kept travel secrets and we are thrilled it will now be bringing service to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The private terminal VIP service has currently only been offered at it's first location at LAX Airport, so this is very exciting news. The new PS Lounge is set to open this Fall and is such a welcomed addition considering the long wait times and travel delays passengers have been experiencing. As a guest of PS you will arrive at a private terminal, away from the main airport hustle and bustle. Relax in your private suite which includes chef-prepared meals, unlimited amenities, and spa services, while you wait for your flight to begin boarding. Once it is time, you are whisked away, with luggage in tow, to the tarmac where you will be chauffeured directly to the door of your aircraft. With its own private security and Customs clearance, PS elevates the dreaded airport transit experience for a smooth, effortless and relaxing journey.

One&Only Mandarina - Lo De Marcos Mexico

"One&Only Mandarina is nothing like you have ever experienced in Mexico. It is truly a special property that offers a unique twist on a jungle/beach resort." - Jenna Tornese, Travel Advisor

The Best Travel Accessories to Make Your Journey Seamless

Apple Air Tag

Featured to the right is a screenshot from our advisor, Jenna Tornese, tracking her luggage as it was loaded onto her plane.

  • Cost: $29

  • Why We Love It: With flight delays and cancellations being more prevalent these days, it is very reassuring to have the ability to track your luggage location at all times. This is a game changer and gives you more leverage with the airline should your luggage become lost in transit.

  • Find it - HERE

Hat Holder

  • Cost: $59

  • Why We Love It: While traveling with a hat is an essential accessory, it is not always the easiest to pack. This hat holder is not only stylish, but also functional, for an effortless hands free addition that attaches to your luggage.

  • Find our favorite - HERE

Belt Bag

  • Cost: $58

  • Why We Love It: This compact belt bag can be worn close to your body, around your waist or across your shoulder while you are out and about exploring new destinations. We especially love that the fabric is water-repellant so you are always ready for any type of adventure!

  • Find our favorite HERE

No-Touch Keychain

  • Cost: $14

  • Why We Love It: Say goodbye to touching airplane tv screens, pushing elevator buttons, and checking out at stores with this no-touch keychain. This handy tool reduces your exposure to those pesky germs and is also essential for every day life back home to keep tucked away in your purse or bag.

  • Find our favorite - HERE

Hand Sanitizer Spray

  • Cost: $3.99

  • Why We Love It: While the no-touch keychain is a great addition to keep your hands clean while on the go, there are still circumstances where your hands may need extra help to eliminate those unavoidable germs. This travel size and hospital grade hand sanitizer spray is made with natural and botanical ingredients that are gentle on your skin and smells wonderful!

  • Find our favorite - HERE



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