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Top Ten Best First or Business Class Seats

Wanderlust with Us - Issue XXIII, September 30, 2020 - The Best List, Edition 2

The Best List: Top Ten Flat Bed Airline Seats

If you're flying 6+ hours, odds are you will be falling asleep. When you sleep, wouldn't you prefer a lie flat bed over a recliner? The below airlines have showed us that they are taking first and business class to the next level with comfortable sleeping arrangements and exclusive amenities you don't even receive at your favorite hotel. Find out our favorite top ten flat bed airline seats below!

Domestic Flights

Hands down this is the best in class domestic transcontinental product, unique in it's 1/1 configuration. What's more, is that the interiors all are relatively new compared to other airlines' domestic flat bed seats. They also partner with award-winning chefs for one of a kind dishes and an exclusive wine selection.

This hidden gem, best known for it's discount economy product, has quietly been rocking the skies on long haul flights with super comfy lie flat seats with an alternating 1/1 and 2/2 which suits singles and couples. Now, with the AA joint venture, you can accrue toward AAdvantage status.

This takes a back seat to AA's Flagship first for the simple reason it's a 1/2/1 or the dreaded 2/2 configuration. The difference being if you're flying solo, who wants to crawl over a stranger (or vice versa!?). Overall, we recommend Polaris for the plush and super soft bedding. If you have a choice, take the Dreamliner 787.

International Flights

The QSuite makes traveling with friends, family, and colleagues much more exciting. With both aft and forward facing seats as well as moveable panels, you can turn your space into a quad for socializing, working, or dining. When it's time to sleep if you choose, it's one of the only in its class offering a shared sleep space, great for families. They even have doors offering privacy from the aisles.

Many enjoy the A380 not only for the roomy business and first class seats, but also for their unique onboard lounge with a full service bar and shower spa. This is the flight experience for those looking for a 5 star hotel in the air.

The 777 often feels like the wicked stepsister of the sexier A380. So, Emirates cleverly compensated by building a first class privacy pod where your seat can be fully enclosed with personal lighting and temperature control. Talk about comfortable privacy for a good snooze and a change into pj's.

We won't start in again about the dreaded configuration even on long haul international flights of the 2/2/2, but the Polaris seat is just so comfortable, it had to make the list. It feels more plush and the silky luxurious linens certainly help the cause.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airport

Singapore makes transiting enjoyable whether you're at their world famous airport (pictured above) or on their flagship airline, Singapore Airlines. All three top classes of service mentioned above offer exceptional sleeping arrangements but the Suites take the cake for ultimate luxury. With a spacious double bed option for those traveling with loved ones, you will find yourself forgetting you are on an international flight. You might even wish your flight was longer.

Debuting late last year this is Delta's newest and snazziest seat yet, rivaling any international carrier. The Westin branded in-flight bedding makes this sleep experience feel no different than if you were at your favorite hotel. On the A350, A339 and select 777 flights, experience a suite with full length doors and dividers for a more private journey.

Both The Room (Business Class) & The Suite (First Class) allow for a fully lie-flat comfortable sleeping experience. The exclusive 8 seat configuration in First Class when booking The Suite, allows for a more intimate and personalized experience. If you're looking for comfortable bedding, their luxury three dimensional cushioning is favored by top athletes.

Being offered on only select A380 flights, this is only considered an honorable mention, since we think the business class is just so/so on most aircraft. The three room apartment in the sky is designed for up to two guests and offers an ensuite private shower room, bedroom, and living area. With a dedicated VIP Travel Concierge team, this is a completely curated experience for guests.

*Please note, airlines changes routes and equipment so the routes and aircraft stated may change at any time.


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