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“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends… The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy


The Private Client Division is an unspoken, unadvertised division of Camelback Travel, which grows exclusively by referral. This division was launched as a direct result of the feedback from our most valued clients who inspired us to develop a bold tailor-made approach to better serve a limited, exceptional group of clients who place personal relationships and unique, memorable travel experiences at a premium.

P R I V A T E  C L I E N T  R E S E R V E

Let us reduce complexity, ensure smart choices, provide privileged access and one-of-a-kind experiences while you get lost in the moment and gain truly unforgettable memories to add to your collection.

Whether you are immersing yourself in a new culture, celebrating an occasion or bringing together generations of family or friends “live it up” with a private, custom designed journey and personalized service.

Feel the difference in our approach from the first presentation of your intriguing custom trip proposal, supported by our meticulous research, through your flawlessly executed journey with around the clock support and in-country partnerships.

By referral only.  Membership fees apply.

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