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Meet Me on Rodeo Drive

Issue | March 2, 2022

Our team has been very grateful to be back in action traveling around the world to experience new properties firsthand for our clients. This week we wanted to highlight two amazing trips our advisors have just returned from, the first being Silversands Grenada (pictured above). Our wonderful advisor, Brittany Taylor, was so lucky to experience the best kept secret of the lesser known "Spice Island" named Grenada during her recent stay. This stylish beachfront hideaway boasts the longest infinity edge pool in the Caribbean. And when you're done swimming laps at this luxury resort, enjoy waterfall chasing, shipwreck diving, or a spice tour.

Read more about Betsy's experience in the blog post HERE.
"One of the fun activities is looking for the Chan Chich Big Five: Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Boa and Toucan during game drives, morning and night. Archeological and Mayan Medicinal walking tours through the rainforest are fascinating and the guides are great. One guide’s great, great, great Grandfather was a Mayan King." - Betsy Donley, Travel Advisor

Beverly Hills

Discover which amazing hotel partner we would suggest depending on your interests. Of course, this is just our fun take on these properties and they welcome every type of traveler from couples to families and everything in-between. Please reach out to us so we can propose our personalized recommendations curated just for you!

Now, the answer to last month's trivia question may shock you:

When Hotel del Coronado opened in 1888, the daily room rates, which included three meals a day, started at about... $2.50 per day!

If trivia is not your strong suit, have you already joined the wildly popular craze that is Wordle? This challenging word game has taken the world by storm with many interesting spinoffs. If you consider yourself a travel aficionado we suggest the geography based version, Worldle. If you are looking for even more of a challenge, you can't miss Airportle, based on airport codes. Happy playing!



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