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Discover Belize at Chan Chich Lodge

Chan Chich Lodge is a true rainforest lodge set in the 600AD Mayan Plaza of the largest Mayan City in Belize, it, at one time, had 8,000 inhabitants. They worshipped many Gods and had many temples. None of them are excavated so are just small mountains which have been covered in earth from the rain, sun and erosion over 1600 years. The pyramid temples were made from the local limestone so they are afraid they won’t weather well if uncovered.

It sits on 30,000 acres which includes a farm, coffee plantings, a coffee roasting and packaging facility. It also has the Lizzette Salsa for which they make the hot sauce, bottle it and hand pack it. It’s cooked by two wonderful Belizean women.

There is also a beautiful horse barn facility which completes the variety of the property; 40 horses and beautiful stables.

There are 14 cottages with thatched roofs and mahogany interiors and three different room types - standard garden cottage, deluxe cottage and a 2 bedroom cottage with a gorgeous bedroom, bath, living room and jacuzzi on the deck. They are all being redone to make them more up to date and luxurious. Each one has a deck, hammock and lounge. Rustic is the description at the moment.

Staff and Service are excellent; they all love their jobs and come from the local community. The birdwatching is outstanding. The guide are also outstanding, speaking both English and Spanish well.

The safari vehicles at the lodge are imported from South Africa and are new and comfortable. Explore the 33,000 acre reserve with adventures that take you to different lakes, The Escarpment or their own Gallon Jug Estate as you learn about the farm-to-table program and lush jungles that surround you.

One of the fun activities is looking for the Chan Chich Big Five: Jaguar, Howler Monkey, Boa, Toucan during game drives morning and night. Archeological and Mayan Medicinal walking tours through the Rainforest are fascinating and the guides are great. One guide’s great, great, great Grandfather was a Mayan King. You can go into the entrance of 2 of the Mayan tombs. It is also possible to visit UNESCO World Heritage site Tikal from the property.

The lodge offers an all inclusive package if you would like, otherwise they have a room and breakfast nightly rate.

There are many exciting renovations happening at the property with plans for a new gym and spa. It’s truly a wonderful lodge with a lovely vibe, history and future. It's a great choice for adventure lovers, archelogy interests, Mayan culture and families with lots of activities for kids.


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