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Camelback's Travel + Leisure A-List 2018

Camelback Odyssey Travel + Leisure A-List Advisors

Working with a travel advisor comes with many benefits. These professionals provide insight and exclusive access while eliminating the stress of planning by handling all the details. This gives you value you couldn’t get any other way and turns your vacation into the experience of a lifetime. We are so proud to have 4 Camelback advisors included in Travel + Leisure’s 17th Annual A-List of the top 117 agents and tour operators in the business.

Chad Clark (Over the Top Trips)

Specializing in the highest of high-end travel; Chad has been traveling for as long as he can remember while looking for the world's most exciting adventures such as around the world private jet trips and luxury safaris. Whether it’s a private island, walking the red carpet in Cannes, or exclusive tasting trips to the best wineries in Bordeaux, his focus for his clientele is extraordinary experiences that help people make the most of their time. Additional specialties include family travel, adventure travel, and golf travel.

Betsy Donley (Fly Fishing)

After accompanying her father on trips to Central and South America, Betsy developed a taste for adventure at a young age. She specializes in planning fly fishing

trips all over the world along with adventure and multi-generational travel. In New Zealand, while her clients are fly fishing on a remote river, there’s a helicopter crew she knows that dives for fresh lobsters before flying the clients to a mountaintop for a champagne and lobster lunch. Her vision is to change lives through travel by offering experiences and differing world views, that allow travelers to push the envelope of their comfort zones, while still feeling safe, pampered, and adventurous.

Cassandra Bookholder (Australia & New Zealand)

Being a native Aussie and spending a great deal of time when she was younger traveling around the country, Cassandra is an expert on Australia. She’s based in San Diego now, and travels back two to three times a year continuously striving to expand her product knowledge by keeping up to date with the best restaurants, guides, hotels and experiences. Recently, she’s started enhancing layovers and combining drastically different excursions for clients so they can trade hours at the airport in Fiji for a day of drinking kava with the locals.

Shelby Donley (T+L Advisory Board)​​

The owner and president of Camelback Odyssey Travel, she specializes in luxury cruises and iconic hotels. She's been to six continents (only excluding Antarctica) and visits dozens of hotels around the world each year. Her goal is to expand the firm’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of travel trends by creating special experiences for clients and matching them with the right advisor for their desired travel experience.


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