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24 Hours at Miraval Arizona

March 9, 2021 by Taryn Rinke

10:30 am – Checking-In

After a two hour drive from Phoenix, I arrived to the beautiful Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa nestled in the Tucson desert. At check-in I received a sleeping bag for my phone and immediately entered Miraval Mode. My intention for this overnight trip was to recharge my batteries so I embraced their philosophy of unplugging, and immersed myself into all that this tranquil wellness resort has to offer.

11:30 am – Desert Tightrope

After I met my instructor and small group of brave souls, we walked down to the Challenge Course together. The 35 foot cable suspended in the air that I was about to traverse across, with only a series of hanging ropes to use as balance, came into view and my heart dropped. What did I get myself into? I strapped on my harness, tightened my helmet, and began the vertical climb up the wooden pole. The hardest part was not the fear of heights; it was the practice of letting go and I quickly realized this obstacle was more than just physical. Letting go of “safety” as I reached for the first hanging rope and moved my feet closer and closer to the next rope without looking back (or down for that matter.) I gripped onto the rope with all my strength as the wind waivered my balance but hearing my new friends on the ground cheering me on kept my feet moving towards the next one. I was doing it! As I reached for the third rope it slipped right through my fingers and I slowly fell back to the ground clutching my harness. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life and I was so proud of what I accomplished.

2:00 pm – Water Fitness

After my heart-pounding adventure, I grabbed a quick smoothie and lunch on-the-go from the Palm Court Cafe and was off to my next activity: Water Fitness. When my instructor started playing Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk,” I knew this was going to be a fun time. In the 80 degree heated pool, we began a series of exercises with names like the penguin and cross-country ski to get our muscles moving. Your body works harder in water because of the natural resistance to maximize the calories you burn, but with low body impact. And oh did I feel the burn after those 45 minutes! It was such a fun workout that I plan on practicing in my own pool this summer.

3:00 pm – Gentle Stretch

At this point in the day I had used so many muscles I didn’t even know existed that I was thankful I had signed up for the afternoon stretch. The Agave Center offered sweeping window views overlooking the Catalina Mountains that created an instantly calm atmosphere. We followed our instructor as she took us through different yoga stretching postures to open our body and mind through focused breathing. At one point I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep in Savasana pose until I heard the instructor softly hit each of the four gongs and it brought me back feeling revived and rejuvenated.

7:00 pm – Dinner at Cactus Flower Restaurant

Being an all-inclusive health minded resort, I was intrigued to experience dinner and it did not disappoint. I ordered the wild arugula salad, roasted carrots and burrata, and the braised beef. The plates were gorgeously presented and portion sizes appropriate, leaving room for dessert – a must! Of course I treated myself to a well-deserved cocktail, the Arizona Sunset, which was a perfect cap to end such an amazing day.

9:00 am – Purple Sage Equine Meditation

After a delicious breakfast I grabbed a blended coffee on-the-go and headed out for the last activity of my stay – and a very special one at that. Our instructor took us on a quick 5 minute drive to Miraval’s Purple Sage Ranch. We entered the horse corral and began a meditative body scan inward from head to toe, grounding our bodies into the Earth. With each breath in and out, the horses drew closer and closer into the safe open space we were creating. We then walked around and gravitated to a horse we felt a connection with, which for me was Bailey. I spent the remainder of the time soaking in his calming presence and energy; sending gratitude into the world and for this unique experience.

11:00 am – Checking-Out

Although I could have stayed a week at Miraval and still barely scratched the surface of all the classes this resort offered, I felt transformed after just 24 hours. I was surprised at the new friends I made through activities that bonded us, and the many experiences that nourished my mind, body, and soul. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to take some time away for yourself – this is it!


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