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Cruising The Industry

How can someone’s perception of traveling entirely change?

Especially with cruise lines, and the often seen consumer word, “luxury”?


I am new to the industry and a bachelor student of Sustainable Tourism, so, cruising wasn't exactly an option I thought I was interested in. Outdated, crowded, and environmentally damaging, were the feelings I (rightfully) developed before stepping behind-the-scenes into a travel firm, only to find myself dining with representatives of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world.

Similar to my experience entering the skincare industry, my ability to gather truthful, insider information was overwhelmed by options and advertisements. There are small cruise ships? They teach kids how to protect and save ocean life? In fact, I can even get the best deal and have access to far better benefits and a VIP status with a travel professional than I could ever get on my own.

Perhaps I can only speak for Camelback Odyssey Travel. Needless to say, I was stunned. Why would anyone want to pay for a small cabin on a massive,

old ship anyway? Why would someone even attempt to plan their next vacation without an advisor? After contemplating whether or not to keep this a secret for myself, I realized many people already know about this.

Observing my last chances to make conversation and hide all amateurism, I found myself sipping the wine placed in front of me and smiling as normal as possible. Regent Seven Seas and Oceania, allow me to be your tourist. Paul Gauguin and AMA Waterways, please let me experience your ships and all the shore excursions that they offer.

There are actually many luxury cruises that are well worth considering without worrying about getting claustrophobic, food poisoning or feeling bad about the environment. It is exactly these options which make the difference between just any accommodation and a Virtuoso accommodation, a 4-star rating and 5-star service, a free breakfast or exclusive amenities, and finally, luxury versus luxury.

Evidently, I was the one outdated and I cannot wait to sea what's next!

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