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Luxury? All-Inclusive - Yes, it exists!

Every year I hear the same request growing: we want an all-inclusive vacation for our family. Which may include teens, adult children, and adolescents. And, we want really good food. We don't want a hotel with a million people, and we don't want to go to Mexico.

Something to consider since the above narrows all hotels around the globe literally into a handful, is the Regent Seven Seas Explorer. Why? It ticks all the boxes: food - delicious with specialty dining that would rival the best restaurants in town, a limited amount of guests so that even when it is at full occupancy, you'd never know it. For families, this new larger vessel at 750 guests, allows for public spaces and active family options, such as bocce ball, a golf putting green, paddle tennis, great work-out facilities, and a Canyon Ranch spa that rivals many five star hotels. While the price tag will certainly exceed that of a typical all-inclusive hotel, the price genuinely is all inclusive WITH shore excursions, and look at it this way: every room has an ocean view! Plus, we know the right staterooms and configurations to maximize your value and accommodate your family, no matter the ages.

When you compare it dollar for dollar out the door to a five star resort in Hawaii, or the Caribbean, for the winter holidays and Europe in the summer, once you factor in the food and beverage: every tea, coffee, soda, water, cappuccino, cocktail, Pinot Grigio, ice cream, and snack, you might find you can really relax on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer when you are not imagining how large the tab is growing ever day (plus your resort fee!!!!)

And if cruising scares you because you picture large buffets and herds of people, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer is the antithesis of cruise stereo-types.

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