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Flying with Layovers = Extra Fun

Why the international journey can be just as enticing as the trip here's a few of my tips: Horde your miles. please pay everything on a good miles credit card, such as AMEX, or a card for your most often used airline (no Southwest or JetBlue). Then save those miles and don't waste them on things like domestic flights. Do whatever you have to do to fly front of the plane. Nobody hates to double connect more that I do but it's worth it if it means first class for ten hours vs me paying for coach. Airports can be your playground. Do your homework in advance and research different lounge options. If there are no lounges with spas, there may be a spa retail location. Put your feet up, get a leg massage, do an express facial. It's enjoyable and wonderful for your body while traveling. Some airlines even offer complimentary treatments with your business class ticket, such as British Airways, when you transit Heathrow. The AMEX centurion lounges in Miami and Dallas also offer complimentary 15-minutes treatments (both in Terminal D in their respective airports) If you have a long layover get the hell out of the airport. My rule of thumb is six hours. Anything over and I'm out the door. In a city like London the Heathrow Express will take you from the terminal to Paddington Station in about fifteen minutes. But even better is escape to a five star hotel in close proximity. The cheapest room there will beat the best airport lounge anywhere. You can turn a bad afternoon into a wonderfully fulfilling day. Plus, a shower can be a game changer. Recently, I visited Coworth Park just eight miles from London Heathrow and wow, it was like a mini-trip in itself. Instead of being stuck in a crowded lounge I was enjoying the English countryside. Store movies in your iPad. Happens all the time, in-flight entertainment does not work it seems only to be showing all the films you've already seen. It's nice to have a back up just to kill time if needed.

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