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Travel + Leisure 2020 A-List Advisors

We would like to congratulate our three advisors Shelby Donley, Cassandra Bookholder and Betsy Donley for being selected as Travel + Leisure 2020 A-List Advisors.

What is the A-List?

The A-List is Travel + Leisure’s collection of the top travel advisors in the world. Each year T+L evaluates hundreds of luxury travel advisors, vetting each one and receiving input from their Travel Advisory Board (comprised of agency owners & operators) along with other experts to determine which ones will best serve their brands readers.

What are the Qualifications?

There is a combination of factors that go into selecting someone such as positive client testimonials, unique itineraries, and exclusive access. They seek advisors who are experts on the destination they specialize in and travel there often making an effort to deliver more than their clients expect.

Camelback Travel's A-List Advisors

Betsy Donley

Fly Fishing Specialist

Additional Specialties: Adventure Travel and Multigenerational Travel

Fly Fishing in the Yukon

Cassandra Bookholder

Australia & New Zealand Specialist

Additional Specialties: South Pacific Islands

Travel + Leisure Editor in Chief Jacqueline Gifford with Cassandra

Shelby Donley

Travel Advisory Board | Luxury Surf Experience Specialist

Additional Specialties: Spa and Wellness


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