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The Convenience of Private Jet Travel - The Commercial Version

Coming soon to Phoenix Sky Harbour and Cutter Aviation, JetSuiteX is offering three round trips daily to Burbank - a great option for Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Malibu, anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. This fall there will be four non-stops daily to Las Vegas, and three to Oakland. You can be in Napa in less than 45-minutes after the wheels hit the ground.

What JetSuiteX isn't is a replacement for private jet travel. For those that have their own jets or enjoy chartering, this is no substitute. What it is perfect for is enjoying close to home flights, particularly those under an hour like Los Angeles, where it is really a three to four hour experience when you count in the security lines, boarding times, and that is if everything runs on time.

You depart and arrive into the FBO terminal so you have the same arrival and departure experience as flying private. However, the Embraer Jet carries thirty passengers, allows two bags of up to 50 pounds combined, included with the cost of the ticket, most aircraft have power outlets, and a complimentary snack and beverage is included. WiFi is limited to messaging capabilities.

There are also charter opportunities if you have a group or family trip to one of their destinations. Arizona State football away game anyone?

Contact us for more details and let us pick out a weekend getaway for you!


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