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Perks of Your Platinum or Centurion Cards

Wanderlust With Us - Issue XXVIII

December 23, 2020

As we look into 2021 and finish up our holiday shopping we thought we’d share some of our favorite things we do with our AMEX Platinum and Centurion cards. We know many of you carry these cards, so we wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the unique values available to you as a cardholder. In case we missed one, tell us your favorite benefit, even if it's only the NBA Jersey Assurance (this one's new for the upcoming season!)

And, don’t forget for those of you that like to book your Fine Hotels & Resorts online, we too, have an online booking tool where you get your breakfasts, upgrades, and credits – only in our case we have the enhanced upgrades with the best brands in the world such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, and Peninsula. Click here for a full list. Send us a note and we’ll send you the link for the private booking tool to the best hotels in the world.

Flight Benefits

We love to save money on the best carriers for first/business class travel.


With a points transfer to our favorite airlines, when we don’t want to pay for business/first class. The easiest airlines to find points seats to for first/business class…. and flexible dates will help with availability.


Points transfer for flight upgrades. Yep, when we can’t use points and we need to fly specific days, our next ‘go to’ is to buy the lower class of service, such as premium economy and upgrade to business or business and upgrade to first. This works incredibly well for Cathay Pacific.

Global Lounge Collection

You have a complimentary membership, but it does require a separate registration from your card. We recommend using the app, so you don’t have to worry about carrying the membership card with you. The Priority Pass is a lifesaver when you need a lounge when you least expect it – a long delay in a foreign airport, when you’re flying an intra Europe flight and no carrier lounges are to be had. Plus, you can bring two friends with you at no charge! Our favorite is the LHR Terminal 3 Lounge.

In our opinion they’ve redefined lounges for domestic travel since it matters not what airline or class of service you’re in. You can count on good food, lots of power plugs, and the best chocolate chip cookies (in our opinion). Check out Vegas, Phoenix (NEW!), DFW, and MIA (both offer a complimentary mini massage or manicure)

Once again when you’re in a bind, particularly if you’re in a hub city like Atlanta, Detroit, Salt Lake City, or LAX, you can access a Delta lounge with any ticket any class of service with your AMEX.

Retail & Lifestyle


Maybe not enough to get you excited about for a new pair of shoes, but it is for something like a free serum. Here’s two of our favorites in that price range - Sunday Riley and Clarins. Gentleman that’s a pair of Havianas (really the best flip flop for men for a classic look) or a limited edition Salvatore Ferragamo tie.


Have you ever gotten out of an Uber and it’s free and you didn’t know why? It’s because you accrue credits every month when your AMEX is linked to your Uber account. You can use up to $200 per year.

Seriously if you travel outside the country 3+ times per year, you should seriously consider Global Entry. It can make the difference of what flights you can connect to, when reentering the US. Plus, there’s nothing better after a 15-hour flight back home to walk through customs and immigration in less than five minutes.

Well Deserved Recognition

Nothing on this list is as important as this one. AMEX has far and above been the most consumer friendly card during the crisis this year. They have been the most proactive and quickest to resolve disputes in our clients favor when there was a charge that deserved a credit. Please know, this is not meant to be a commercial for the cards, but after ten months of working to resolve issues on funds, we have zero outstanding with AMEX and that deserves some recognition.

Holiday Bonus - Our Movie Picks

Would we really send our our blog on December 23rd without throwing in some holiday cheer? Absolutely not! Check out Camelback's picks for best movies to watch this season. Happy Holidays!

While this main seem an obvious choice, I’m always surprised by how many people have missed this movie. If I had to watch only one for the Christmas Season it would be this one. Fun, uplifting, and listen closely for some of the best Christmas Music from Tony Bennett to Otis Redding.

Ladies, it’s lockdown time so a goodhearted, wholesome, snowy Montana Christmas story is a guilty pleasure worth having. Maybe it’s a little predictable, being when they name dropped Le Toiny and Daniel in the first ten minutes, I realized this wasn’t just any old Hallmark/Lifetime retread.

Sure these may seem dated, but who doesn’t love a throwback? Vintage is cool even with kids, so, while they may think the characters look weird in a Pixar world, the music and storylines are timeless. Plus, you might just enjoy remembering your own childhood. Music by Jimmy Durante can’t be missed.


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