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I have TSA Global Entry, Why Do I Need Clear?

The reality is you want both if you travel on a regular basis. Before long airports will once again be crowded, with Pre-Check lines longer than you budgeted time for. But during COVID, what better time to give yourself a preferred experience through security?

Travel + Leisure 2020 A-List advisor Shelby Donley

Here’s just a few reasons and, quite frankly if you travel often, just one of these is worth the cost alone.

1. It’s very hygienic. With a scan of your eyes, you’re identified. You don’t need to touch a thing!

2. The Clear team is loaded up with great PPE treats such as hand sanitizer, wipes, handy things in case you forgot to pack yours.

3. When there is a line at TSA Pre-Check, they walk you all the way to the front, flash their badge and your boarding pass and off you go. So, not only do you skip the line, but you also get to skip the ID check. It’s a time saver.

4. In the not too distant future you may see Clear at your favorite sporting events. When we’re ready to head back to stadiums, you may see Clear kiosks and it’s already at a number of major venues.

5. As a Clear member you have access to Health Pass. A great place to safely carry your vaccination records and other health records that may be required to travel.

6. You might meet the friendliest people at the airport!

Not sure if you’re game for Clear? They often run free trials and most Clear members can get you a free trial or maybe even a discounted membership. Maybe I’ll see you in a Clear line soon? Oh wait, they really don’t have lines…at anytime.

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