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5 Things You Should Never Do In Turks & Caicos

Having just returned from my first trip to Providenciales, better known locally as Provo, I wanted to share some insight on how to appreciate the great destination. By the way, for cruisers who have visited Grand Turk, do not confuse this with the Providenciales Island where the majority of great hotels are. Providenciales is well known for it's beautiful beaches, near year round lovely climate (thanks to the trade winds that make even the summer months pleasant), and the very good nonstop flights from main US hubs like Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, and Boston.

So, consider yourself warned… DO NOT:

1. DO NOT swim towards the dolphins. While it is not unusual to be visited by a dolphin while near one of the lovely island beaches, allow the dolphin to come to you. Swimming towards it may alarm it and send it away. Would you swim toward a stranger at the beach ferociously paddling to come and pet you? I didn’t think so. Unlike other beach destinations where you visit dolphins in captivity, if you are used to seeing them in concrete pools, you may be disappointed. And while we are on the dolphin topic DO enjoy JoJo the dolphin song. It’s hard not to shake your hips to the rhythm.

2. DO NOT visit the Sandbar before 10PM. If you want to see the bar at its peak, plan this after dinner when locals are mixing with the tourists and getting the groove on to some great music.

3. DO NOT Forget to pack your high SPF sunscreen when you plan your private island boat day. The Grace Bay Club has a great charter program where you can enjoy a half day trip to a local uninhabited beach. The water is so inviting you may be in it for hours, so you will need your very best sunblock. The crisp crystal clear blue water, even in summer is truly an oasis so this is a must-do boat experience. If you tend to burn easily, check out one of these great SPF shirts that are sold at Grace Bay Club!

4. DO NOT Run to the best room rate on the island. There is a lot of value in the five-star more expensive resorts, particularly in the residential options at the Grace Bay Club that come with full kitchens so you can enjoy snacks, drinks, and even meals en suite. Plus, there are other cost saving perks such as free (and very good quality even when on the beach) local and international calls, and complimentary beach chairs, umbrellas, and beach beds. Oh yes, and they come with full service, too!

5. DO NOT Pack your sport coat and cocktail attire. This is island living and even in the best restaurant in town, like Coco Bistro, dress for the islands in breezy linens and sundresses. One of the great things about Turks & Caicos is the barefoot luxury that allows you to be comfortable, not stuffy, wherever you go!

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