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Our Picks - Where We Want to Travel Now

Shelby Donley – Malibu

This is the close to home place I most want to travel. Waves crashing right outside the suites, and what’s better than Nobu Matuhisa’s restaurant right next door? I love the idea of Nobu Ryokan because it feels like you’re a world away, but right in the heart of Malibu, perfect for summer.

Taryn Deschaine – Lake Tahoe

As it heats up in Arizona, I know I will soon be wanting to make up for lost time outdoors enjoying the cooler temperatures and nature. Post Coronavirus, I think it will be the perfect time of year to visit Lake Tahoe. I would plan my stay at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton in North Tahoe offering lakeside access at their exclusive Lake Club. Alternatively, I might consider renting one of the many multi-bedroom lodge options if I bring along friends or family to join in on the fun. I envision starting the day with a morning hike in the fresh pine air to get our blood pumping. I would spend the rest of day lake-side, soaking in the sun and enjoying the crystal clear water. Whether it be a boat ride, kayaking, or playing a round of golf, there are endless activities to be offered. Or simply lounging on the beach for hours, enjoying a great book.

Susan Bowlby Benson - Washington D.C.

With its location just blocks away from the National Mall, the White House & Smithsonian Museums, the Trump International Washington D.C. would be our hotel of choice for our fun, and informative, getaway. First up on our list of must-see places to be would be the Lincoln Memorial, followed by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to show our son the names of family members listed on the wall. Also on our bucket list for D.C.: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. My son will likely want to spend hours exploring the Hall of Fossils and see the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, and I, of course, would need to stop by the 2nd floor to take a peek at the Hope Diamond.

Jenna Tornese - Utah

There is nothing else like this property in the United States. It is set in the canyons of Utah and overlooks acres of beautiful desert scenery and National Parks. Hiking, climbing, equine, and boating are available for the adventure seekers. For me and those who prefer rest and relaxation the Aman Spa and heated pool are all you will need. If couples are seeking an even more intimate and private experience, Amangiri’s brand new luxurious tented camps, Camp Sarika, will create the ultimate and unique wild west getaway that you will never forget.

Betsy Donley - Cape Cod

My wish is to spend a weekend at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod. A girls weekend is perfect - the Spa wonderful. Or a family visit in one of the private homes on the property, looking out at the ocean, sand and Martha’s Vineyard in the distance. Top tip - don’t miss the traditional New England Lobster bake on the beach!

Brittany Taylor – Colorado

I would love to get out of the desert and into the mountains to visit Colorado this summer and spend time in nature. I would stay at Dunton Hot Springs, a 19th century ghost town converted into a small, exclusive resort with 13 surprisingly luxe cabins located right outside Telluride. Perfect for social distancing, I would spend my time enjoying the natural hot springs, hiking in the San Juan Mountains, river rafting on the San Miguel and visiting the archeological Anasazi cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.


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