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On Safari With Singita

Last May, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to South Africa with Singita. Traveling solo to this distant country was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I was welcomed by the Singita team with open arms. The staff welcomes each person as if you are a distant relative come to stay at their home.

Singita provides guests with multiple experiences in a destination. My first stop was Ebony lodge - the quintessential “out of Africa” experience while the second lodge Lebombo offers a sleek, contemporary décor. At both lodges, the safari experience wasn’t confined to the vehicle. When I first entered my room at Ebony, I saw elephants and their babies bathing in the river outside of my room. I unpacked and met the group for lunch where we heard monkeys howling in the trees above. Our amazing guide shared with us that they were warning each other that a leopard was close by. A truly exciting welcome to Africa!

One of my favorite parts of safari is the sundowner – a “happy hour” during sunset in the African Bush where our group reflected on the day’s sightings. Enjoying a refreshing cocktail against the backdrop of the iridescent African sky is a fabulous time for photo opportunities as well. One of the many exciting differences is that Singita’s vehicles can traverse through the game reserve and not confined to the roads. While exploring the game reserve, you feel like the only vehicle – we rarely saw another group other than at an exciting sighting. Fun fact: the animals are accustomed to seeing safari vehicles and treat as if they are fellow animals in the wild.

There is more to safari than meets the eye. I realized what a small part of the world I occupy and how pictures do not give these experiences justice. To wake up to the sound of a hippo diving into the river rather than a television is extremely refreshing.

Written by: Lauren Carter


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