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Luggage Must Haves for the Avid Traveler

Wanderlust With Us - Issue XXVI

November 12, 2020 - The Best List, Edition 5

The Best List: Top Ten Best Baggage Pieces to Have Traveling

We curate The Best List from our own experiences traveling and in this case our very own closets. These are the bags we actually carry and have made the cut with us after years of traveling. We looked at their condition after hundreds of thousands of miles, and know what it's like to pull them through miles of airports. So, while we won't pack your bags for you, we hope these suggestions make your next travel getaway that much easier.

Best Aluminum Luggage - Rimowa

Some question if spending thousands on a single bag is worth it, and Rimowa is here to prove it is. Why we recommend it? The 5 year guarantee, the dedicated customer service team, and the fact that they will come to you and repair your luggage before you depart your destination are amongst a few of the many selling points. Their aluminum luggage is also loved by discerning travelers due to it's groove design that provides quality and durability through the "Arabian heat to the Icelandic cold". Find out yourself if it lives up to the hype!

Best Polycarbonate Carry-On Luggage - Away

Away leads the way in polycarbonate category. It's light, agile, and takes a pretty good beating. For this reason we highly recommend the darker colors. While the pinks and pastels look refreshing, stick with dark blues, grays, and darker hues. The aluminum product from Away is not something we recommend. Stick with their tried and true product that quickly made them an industry leader.

For the Heavy Packer - TUMI, Large Split 2 Wheeled Duffel

Pushing nearly a million miles and still looking professional and presentable, this road warrior packs a lot of punch. We've stuffed it, rolled it, and it's kept us on the road for three weeks at a time. This is going to be your checked bag which can push the 50 pound airline limit. What we love most about it is the compartment in the bottom which is perfect for shoes, boots, purses, any odd shaped item. Consider yourself an over packer? This bag is for you. A plus is few will find similarly shaped bags on the carousel.

"I got this bag pre-quarantine and already have gotten my money's worth. This weekender is perfect for a staycation, road trip, or a quick getaway to the beach. I am a heavy packer and this easily fits 3-4 days worth of clothes with 2-3 pairs of shoes. For my longer trips, I tend to use this as my carry-on since you can store slippers at the bottom for the long plane ride."

- Jenna Tornese, Travel Advisor

Laptop Friendly Backpack - TUMI, Carson Voyageur

Small, yet carries more than meets the eye. We prefer canvas to leather because it wears better, is easier to clean, and more importantly, is lighter once you stuff it with your laptop, headphones, Kindle or paperback, maybe a cosmetic bag. We've already done it and it still looks professional enough to walk into a meeting straight from a flight.

Golf Bag - Club Glove

With three sizes to accommodate your golf bag, carry all the way to club size, Club Glove also offers one of the lightest on the market. Plus, the stiff arm is a feature that reduces shaft pressure when the airline is throwing around your clubs. Even if you're a Ship Sticks fan as we are you always want a good bag to make sure the transit is a smooth one.

When going between the home and the office, transporting our laptop, lunch, and supplies has become apart of our daily routine. This Beis Work Tote struck our fancy due to the amount you can fit in there but especially because of the additional removable zip pouch for loose items. Having pens and business cards at the bottom of your bag just makes for more clutter which nobody wants. It also doesn't hurt that the Black Croc design is so chic (we use it outside of work as well).

Toiletry/Cosmetic Bag - Dagne Dover, Hunter Toiletry Bag

We are so sick of our makeup staining the inside of our cosmetic bags that we researched and found that this Hunter Toiletry Bag is durable, waterproof, and hand washable. Plus, the inside removable mesh bag is perfect for a toothbrush or razor so it doesn't have to mix with the rest of your makeup or grooming essentials!

"I started using packing cubes as my go to travel accessory last year on a 10 day trip to India. As an avid over-packer, these little cubes have become a complete game changer. I can easily prevent myself from loading my suitcase full of clothing I know I will never wear and be stress free when I check my luggage at the scale. Not to mention, avoid creating the dreadful clothing explosion when I’m looking for that one specific sweater I just have to wear. The best part is you can easily organize each cube to your needs based on the varying sizes, which also makes unpacking a breeze when you arrive at your hotel. One cube for swimsuits on your beach getaway or one cube for jeans for that outdoor adventure, you’ll be obsessed with them in no time! "

- Taryn Deschaine, Luxury Travel Advisor

This is a staple and while not our sexiest looking bag, it's a lifesaver. This bag folds into a small pouch to pack for your outbound flight. Then, as your purchases grow, you suddenly have an extra bag you can check on the way home if needed. "When I am done for the day, I place the clothes I've worn into the anything bag. Then, at the end of the trip I have very little repacking to do, because this serves as my dirty clothes bag. It either goes into the larger suitcase, or is checked to make room for my treasures."

- Shelby Donley, President of Camelback Travel

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