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Redefining Luxury: Peace of Mind & Easy on the Pocketbook

When I realized I needed to arrange my own transportation services from the Munich airport, to the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski I automatically thought of Uber or a Taxi, but if you can release more stress off of your vacation, why not?

I booked my Blacklane transfer online the day before I arrived in Munich to ensure that I didn’t have to worry about anything else but getting off the plane when I arrived.

I even crossed referenced Uber’s and local Taxi prices to make sure I was getting the best deal, even though it was 10-15 EUR more it was worth it to know we had a vehicle waiting for us upon arrival. No taxi line, no hoping for international wi-fi to signal an Uber.

Blacklane was such an amazing experience in Munich, our driver was dressed in a suit, driving an S-class Mercedes sedan. Seeing him waiting outside of customs with a sign with my name on it took a huge relief off of my shoulders to start my vacation, and I couldn’t have asked for a better transfer in Europe! It was especially nice to have a dependable transfer option, that also was spend friendly.

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