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Naked in DFW

Recently, when embarking on a 24-Hour plus journey overseas, I decided to travel naked! Since I was thirteen, I cannot remember the last time I traveled without mascara at least, but I decided to go all out and travel makeup free on my recent journey.

A recent interest in airport spas inspired me to do this and to take things a little further than the shoulder massages I have been enjoying on my travel days. I decided to make my long travel day a beauty day on the go, stringing together remedies to comfort myself on the long road ahead to new and exciting destinations.

My travel routine consisted of applying all of my best lotions and potions before leaving to the airport with a little lip moisturizer. It took some getting used to; the idea that people were seeing me naked, without makeup, but eventually I felt kind of liberated and excited to see the results of letting serums soak in on the plane.

I still had my routine shoulder massage before I boarded the plane. Once in flight, I cleansed my face with GARNIER SkinActive Clean + Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes, then I put up my divider and put on my SK-II Facial treatment mask. After dinner I put on EO Organic Argan Face Oil with Avocado & Vitamin E, especially around my eyes, and let it soak in all night long. When I woke up the next morning, I decided traveling naked is something I am going to do more often. I realized it was less about waking up refreshed and more about how the routine helped me relax and sleep. The routine still needs work, but I think I am on to something!

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