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The Greatest Gift We Can Give Our Parents - and it lasts forever!

Chad Clark and his father, Charles Clark in Paris.

As the owner of Camelback Odyssey Travel, travel (of course) is one of the benefits and necessities of the job. However, it never donned on me while traveling as my profession, that to many travel means quality time with loved ones, and how experiencing a thrilling destination becomes an indelible image when you see that same destination through the eyes of someone you love, particularly for the first time. It inspires me to see our travel advisors traveling with their parents. This week our manager is traveling on a Crystal Cruise to Italy with her Italian father ~ who has never visited Italy - a catholic who has only seen the Vatican in photographs and on TV, yet now will he get an insider's view.

Megan Genualdi and her father in Rome.

Last week one of our top travel advisors took his father to Paris and Normandy, and together they visited the landing beaches, a bucket list item of his father's. So, I ask myself why, when I fly on a weekly basis don't I do the same thing more often? Dad, I guess we need to pick out a few places you've never been, and enjoy them together.

So, instead of buying an electronic gadget, or clothes, or another gardening tool, give your parents the best present ever - time with you in an inspiring destination. Make it a weekend, make it a quick trip, just make the trip. And yes, I'm going to listen to my own advice.

Looking for great trip ideas to enjoy with your parents? Domestic trips...

Dads love presidential libraries and ball games. Think about cities, like Chicago, with iconic sports experiences you can make a whole weekend. Or, for a real experience, consider an adventure experience you can enjoy together, such as Paw's Up where you can try outdoor activities together such as fly-fishing, 4-wheeling, horseback rides, all with the luxuries of a five star hotel, yet glamping - what father doesn't like to camp? Moms love girls' weekend spa trips. Miraval, both the flagship consummate experience outside of Tucson, or the newest rendition, which a scaled down, but very quality version, at the Monarch Beach Resort in Laguna Beach. Don't forget about some good old fashioned favorites, such as a trip to New York for a broadway show, shopping, and a great Sunday brunch.

These are the best gifts you can ever give your parents - time with you! We love putting together thoughtful travel gift ideas.

That's me and my dad, Bob Hanes enjoying a fountain view dinner at Lago at the Bellagio

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