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Wanderlust with Us Issue XIII - June 19, 2020

Much like travel and the world we live in today, things are constantly changing. So, we are mixing it up again for you in this week's Wanderlust With Us issue. In addition to featuring another one of our fantastic travel industry partners, we are also bringing you our "Top 10 U.S. Destinations to Visit Now!" We've already showcased a few of our client's favorites in previous issues, such as Paws Up and Miraval, so we wanted to bring you new properties we are adding to our growing list of requests to travel to. Enjoy!


Hidden Gems and Client Favorites Open Now!

Our savvy clients are traveling and you may be wondering, where are they heading? We've created a list with these hand-picked domestic properties we know and love. Some may already hold special memories with you or could be the first time you are hearing of them. Either way, click through our slideshow below and see what our best clients are booking this week open now!






Partner Profile: Martino Acampora, JK Place Capri

General Manager

Martino, tell us what you've been doing...

"Since 2014, I have the luck of welcoming international guests, friends and partners at the J.K. Place on the beautiful island of Capri. Since the lock down my day to day routine has changed, like it happened to everyone, however not too much… likely.

Being the General Manager of the J.K. Place I was allowed to reach the hotel on daily basis therefore my professional winter routine has been kind of similar to my past ones, except for the fact that I stopped traveling, meeting friends and partners from all over the world. Having more spare time I have been spending some quality time with my two kids, playing with them and cooking for them. My cooking skills were also used for my daily lunches with Armando – Engineering Manager at J.K. Place Capri – who also happens to be the person I spend more time with during Covid-19.

To speak about health, I am happy to share I have started calisthenics work out on Mon-Wed-Fri, while on Tue-Thu-Sat hiking with friends around the island is still my favorite work out, keeping social distance of course! For those who do not know me, I am a runner but this activity was not allowed during the lock down so I started calisthenics. Covid-19 and the lock down have brought positive and negative effect on people. Personally, I miss what I like the most: Welcoming guests, hugging them, being at their disposal to ensure they go back home with unforgettable memories. My fingers are crossed until we’ll be able to do what we used to in a better world."



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