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Flying High: Four Seasons Style

I was very lucky to get a preview of the Four Seasons Private Jet and was surprised by how much I liked it.

It is important to point out that I love the Four Seasons brand! This might be confusing since I previously stated I was surprised how much I liked the Four Seasons Private Jet. So, I asked myself why I did not think this was a “sure thing” as I generally feel about Four Seasons?

Part of the reason is because I was comparing the Four Seasons Private Jet experience to the experience clients have, who travel privately with their families. I wondered why they would be compelled to share that experience with others? What I realized was, I should have been thinking of the Four Seasons Private Jet for my clients who enjoy cruising aboard the most luxurious cruise ships.

Using this jet as the mode of transportation between destinations, allows guests the ability to easily and efficiently travel to multiple exotic locations in one journey with less stress, which is what our luxury cruise passengers so value.

The advantage of the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, as opposed to a cruise, is that you can travel further, more quickly, and knock more things off your bucket list in less than a month than otherwise possible, with that level of comfort and style. My top three “aha” moments were:

  1. I did not realize that most flights were relatively short. For example, on the voyage that that was leaving immediately after I saw the jet, the longest flight was Los Angeles to Honolulu.

  2. The food served on the plane is prepared at the Four Seasons, using fresh and local ingredients, and presented by the chef who flies on-board with the guests.

  3. While the whole crew is impressive, I love that there is a dedicated on-board guest services manager, concierge and as mentioned, the chef.

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