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Cycling Through Napa with Backroads

A cycling trip is not for everyone but it is certainly worth a try if you have even the slightest interest in soft adventure. The advent of the new electric bikes offered now by Backroads opens their trips to even more people - of all fitness levels. If you enjoy the outdoors, being with other people and good food, a Backroads trip is worth considering.

I was lucky enough to go on their Napa/Sonoma ride in October. The weather was perfect with crisp fall air and leaves beginning to turn. We enjoyed biking in the mornings to beautiful vineyards for lunch, where we were able to sample the wines offered, in addition to a beautiful picnic lunch. If, after lunch, you have had enough biking you can opt to go by van to that evening’s hotel. Shopping, spa treatments, golf (to name a few) await if that is your preference. OR…you can continue biking until your heart’s content OR until the van comes by again and you decide you want a ride! Backroads is very flexible as to how much you want to bike every day.

Moving hotels every night can be tiresome – not with Backroads. They handle your luggage every step of the way. You leave your bags in your room by the designated time each morning, they pick them up and you find them waiting for you in your new hotel that night.

The trip leaders at Backroads are one of the main reasons these trips are so special. They are engaging from the start. They are smart and kind and are there to make sure you have everything you need – exactly when you need it…and they ALWAYS have snacks!

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