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Enhance Your Travel Experience – Don’t Just Go, Be There.

Updated: Feb 27

Getting Anywhere is Easy, Being Someplace is an Entirely Different Story

Enhance Your Travel Experience – Don’t Just Go, Be There.

Budapest – a City at the heart of the 18th century Austrian-Hungarian empire holds 1,000s of years of history within its vibrant city center, and a bustling modern-day hotel, food and local culture scene.

Flying to Budapest’s Ferihegy airport from the east you’ll cross the mighty Danube river a few minutes prior to landing, which has divided the city into two almost equal parts – Buda & Pest. The Pest side holds fabulous accommodations, including the Four Seasons Gresham Palace – a 100-year-old-plus structure which underwent 12 years of conversion to the City’s most luxurious hotel. Formerly operating as a life insurance building in the late 1800s, the Four Seasons Gresham Palace offers all the charm of 19th century builds – high ceilings, stained glass windows, broad corridors and staircases with brass hand rails and tons of beautiful marble. More important, the rooms are spacious, with large bathrooms, modern furnishings, high-end beds and linens. Make sure to book a Danube River View category room offering an incredible view of the Danube, the Chain Bridge and structures on the Buda side (lit up at night), along with a step-out balcony from which you can absorb these glorious sites.

Also found on the Pest side are the Ritz Carlton Budapest – a relatively new hotel construction providing outstanding food and service on par with the best Ritz Carlton’s in the world, and the Kempinski Corvinus – offering a more relaxed leisure travel experience with fun, informal dining options, and recently refurbished rooms with great color and soft goods. Both the Ritz and Kempinski are located on one of Budapest’s main shopping corridors, just minutes from the Danube and historical sites.

A nation of hard-working, proud people, today’s Hungarian culture has been forged by centuries of rule by others – particularly the Turks for 150 years, the Hapsburgs from neighboring Austria, and most recently the former U.S.S.R. for 40 years until 1989.

Despite or in spite of being ruled by others for so long, Hungarians hold very strong familial ties, and practice a very devout religious faith. These tenets are evidenced by the many churches throughout Budapest and particularly the gothic Church of Mathias on the Buda side dating back to 870 AD, as well as the St. Stephens Baroque Cathedral on the Pest side – two must sees both during the day, and in the evening, as they are well-lit in full glory.

The Hungarian Parliament building – a masterpiece constructed between 1885 and 1904 – is the largest and tallest building in Budapest, and sits on the bank of the Danube river. Guided tours are offered daily, and the Basilica houses the country’s Crown Jewels – the Holy Crown of Hungary - under 24-hour guard!

Budapest has a very active Jewish population with two amazing synagogues exist great for viewing, located just blocks from one of the city’s hottest shopping & nightlife corridors.

If you missed something during the day, enjoy an evening Danube river cruise with dinner. Budapest comes alive at night with the lighting of the Parliament building, Mathias’ Church and other great sites!

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