Mary is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Tourism Development & Management. 

She grew up in a small town in Northern California and decided to come to Arizona State University to escape the cold winters and ended up loving it here so much that she stayed. She developed a love for travel growing up and only deepened that love when she studied abroad in Italy and Spain during college. Studying abroad also helped her learn more about the Mediterranean diet, and it grew her passion for food and nutrition.


She truly loves working with people and wants to be able to create memorable experiences for others like the ones she's had while traveling. Mary also thinks there are many fears and misconceptions about traveling that she may be able to help others overcome. Her current travel goal is to take weekend trips to new cities all over the US and to visit Australia. She's very excited to be a part of the Camelback Odyssey Travel team and looks forward to working with all the clients!

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