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Florence, Italy
Machu Picchu
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Abu Dhabi
Florence, Italy
Paris, France
Cinque Terre, Italy

Annie was born and raised in Phoenix and lived in Los Angeles for 8 years before returning home to Arizona. Her love of travel began at a young age with her first trip abroad to Dublin, Ireland when she got to perform in the St. Patrick's Day Parade at the age of 9. 

Annie has since been to over 40 countries, but has a particularly soft spot in her heart for Italy. She lived in Florence in college and has since been back to Florence many times. She's also been to over 25 other cities and towns throughout Italy. She spends her Christmases in Florence, and got married there in 2018.

Some of Annie's other favorite travel experiences include taking the Hiram Bingham train from Machu Pichu to Cusco in Peru, watching the sunrise at Angkor Watt in Cambodia, sailing through the Panama Canal, Sake tasting in Kyoto Japan, and hiking the fjords in Bergen, Norway.

She hopes to bring a sense of fun and adventure to her clients, planning unforgettable experiences for them and showing them the beauty of other cultures around the world.

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