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Top 5 International Travel Destinations for Phoenecians
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Betsy Donley

Years in Industry: 20 Years
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Specialty: Luxury Adventure Experiences

CTC – Certified Travel Counselor
ATC – Adventure Travel Constultant
ASA -  Accredited Space Agent
Travel + Leisure Agent Advisory Board
Travel + Leisure  125 Top Travel Agents 2002 to 2016
Travel Agent Magazine  Top 25 Agents in the US
Virtuoso Tour Committee Member 2008-2016

Phone: 602-889-5909 Email: betsyd@camelbacktravel.com

Betsy's Travel Bio
What is your travel vision?

“And what will you do with your one wild and precious life?”  Mary Oliver

Change lives by offering experiences and differing world views while taking care of travelers’ comfort, safety and the details which complicated travel today involves.

Having grown up in Costa Rica and Brazil from an early age, I know what it feels like to be in a new place and can translate that to allowing  travelers to push the envelope of their comfort zones but still feel  safe, pampered or adventurous.  
What's in your carry on?
Neck pillow, blindfold, Bose noise cancelling earphones,  all medications and a book on the destination.  One change of clothes in case my bag gets lost.
What is your most memorable or most inspiring travel experience?

Opening my tent flap to see 40 pyramids in front of me in Ancient Nubia, Sudan

Helicoptering off a yacht in Chile to fly fish in the Andes

Trekking after gorillas in the Varunga volcanoes in Rwanda

The Louvre – taking 3 teenagers with a private guide

Fly fishing New Zealand at Minaret Station – a lobster lunch by helicopter

Machu Picchu with kids – awesome

Cocktails with a Raj in a palace in India

Hiking in Piemonte during Truffle Season

Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower from my bed

Montana Ranches- chefs and fly fishing guides

Skiing in Utah – with Olympian Medalists

Grizzlies in the Yukon – a tent and a fly rod

Biking the remote roads and towns of Morocco, coming upon a mud village at sunset where the women and children are at the village well filling their water jugs.  Leaving my bike and climbing on a camel to ride out into the Sahara for a night in a Bedouin tent – as we approach the camp we hear the music of ancient instruments, the fires in the desert and climb to a dune to watch the sunset with a glass of wine.  At dawn, we awake to watch the sun rise as ancient caravans did.
Visiting the medina in Fez – hiking in the high Atlas mountains and coming upon a village where the families have lived for generations in their small homes and drinking mint tea with them.

Then returning to our marvelous Kasbah Riad Inn with all the comforts for a traditional Moroccan dinner.   
What has been your best culinary experience/ memorable meal while traveling?
A table on the beach at North Island in the Seychelles, torches lighting the waves as they lap just beyond ones feet.   Waiters serving fabulous seafood and just the ocean for music.
What is the one destination/experience you still want to go/have?
Betsy's Favorites

Fly Fishing in the Seychelles
Egypt for history and archeology
Turkey for  Roman and Biblical history
Montana for ranches, horseback riding and  fly fishing
Miraval Spa in Arizona
Ireland for golf

Hotel: Amankora  - Bhutan
Hotel Room: Stafford Suites – London
New Property Amangiri – Arizona Four Corners area 
Travel Read/App: Travel + Leisure
Favorite Trips
Sudan – pyramids & ancient history

Uzbekistan – Central Asia

British Columbia – helicopter to a remote river to view Grizzly Bears – fly fishing for Rainbow Trout right across the same river as the bears are fishing for Salmon. 

Bhutan – 10 days in Northern India and Bhutan – staying in Aman hotels and loving their guides and hiking to Tigers Nest – a monastery high in the mountains.

Chile – Nomads of the Seas – a yacht in Patagonia from which one flies off in a helicopter every day to fly fish, raft or hike on the remote rivers of the Andes.

Rwanda – trekking for Gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes – being so close you have to back up.

Safari – Zambia  - fly fishing on the Zambezi River and watching elephants behind you.

Cape Cod – fly fishing from a kayak in a bay on Cape Cod; eating Lobster at a local hangout right on the marina;  visiting the long beaches of the National Seaside Park.

Montana – fly fishing on the Big Horn River or the Bitterroot or the Madison -  Amazing Western US

Houseboat – Renting a Houseboat on Lake Powell with the whole family. 

Floating the Green River in Utah- camping out for 4 days- riding rafts and kayaks down the rapids with 15 kids and 2 grandmothers!  Pretty awesome.

Spaceport America – in New Mexico in the desert.  Visiting the new runway and building which will be the home of Virgin Galactic